E-Mail Newsletter and eNews Examples

Sample Enewsletter created in FrontPage

Effective blast email newsletter
For the Will County Center for Economic
Development, we write, design and publish two different periodic email
newsletters, serving different audiences. (See full-sized example…)
The monthly eNews was created by the Message Engineers for the Publicity Club of Chicago, an organization for professional
communicators, has been instrumental in making the club’s programs and events successful. (See full-sized example…)

Sample of an email newsletter

Another CED enewsletter. These communications have been instrumental in helping the group maintain ongoing buy-in from key audiences. (See
full-sized example…
The Message Engineer designed this enewsletter to help the Illinois Department of Transportation communicate the benefits of a massive highway project to local politicians. (View
a full-sized verson…

Blast email created for Constant Contact

Enewsletter sent via Convio
For the IMD Guest House, an overnight accommodation for hospital patients and their families. The purpose of the enewsletter is to maintain ongoing contact with supporters and potential donors.
(See a full-sized version…)
As its $5.3 billion Congestion Relief Program began, the Illinois Tollway hired The Message Engineers to design a
construction communications plan. An email newsletter was a key component.
(See a full-sized version…)