Public Relations Advice

Using Online Tools

It seems easy to get started with Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, WordPress, Facebook or YouTube. But it takes seasoned pros to integrate them into a well-planned public relations program. Learn how we can help make these “user-friendly” tools more user-friendly to you. (Read article…)

What’s a Message Engineer?

Just as the real engineers do, we analyze, strategize, plan and build. As a real engineer might build a highway or a hotel, we build communications campaigns. Our work is centered on a message that was crafted with a specific goal in mind, just as that highway or hotel was built to meet a need or serve a segment of the community. (Read article…)

How to Create a Crisis Communications Plan

A crisis may be impossible to avoid, but proper preparation can help prevent a bad situation from getting worse. Unattended or improperly handled, a crisis can threaten the organization’s credibility, reputation, and in its most extreme form—its survival or, at a minimum, the survival of its leadership. (Read article…)